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Waste Free Wanda

by Waste Free Wanda

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Amy Such heartfelt and inspiring messages in each song on this album, presented in a way that makes me want to dance it out! LOVE IT! Favorite track: Waste Free Wanda.
Rubbish Rap 02:49
Rah-rah-rah rubbish No we don’t want it So don’t you drop it You gotta pick it up, pi-pick it up Makin’ rubbish all year round You just throw it on the ground Leavin’ it behind No that don’t belong to me Not my responsibility Out of sight, out of mind Pre chorus
But it don’t go away You can’t blast it into space Rah-rah-rah rubbish No we don’t want it So don’t you drop it You gotta pick it up, pi-pick it up Heavy rain begins to fall Carries plastic waste, all havoc to The sea There are seven continents Made of all the plastic things from you and me Let’s be thoughtful, let’s be wise We can start to minimise Give some things away Don’t buy plastic, don’t buy stuff Don’t you feel you have enough We have got to change Overlap There are oh so many ways That you can make a simple change Today Rah-rah-rah rubbish No we don’t want it Not gonna you drop it We’re gonna pick it up, pi-pick it up
Waste Free Wanda x3 Workin’ on a waste free world I’m nasty good and I’m so neat I’m like lightning’ on my feet Wanda’s cleaning up the street I‘m workin’ on a waste free world I got hot tips just for you I can tell you what to do How to reduce what you use Help to make a waste free world What’s your footprint, what’s your game Being waste-free is the aim Let’s make our goals all the same of workin’ on a waste free world You be slick and I’ll be smart Let’s go right back to the start Waste reduction has my heart I’m working on a waste free world Here’s a new toe tapping groove It’s a song to help you move Into a future bright and smooth Living in a waste free world Coz it’s not gonna clean itself You can’t put it on the shelf The whole planet needs our help Let work on a waste free world
Food leftover, gotta be stored Whats the thing you always reach for? So convenient, just wrap it round your plate How much waste did you just generate? Chorus Oh wrap up the habit of plastic wrap You got better choices than that Wrap up the habit of plastic wrap You gotta give up Give it up Oh, give it up It can take 1000 years Before your plastic wrap disappears Use it once, never twice, then throw it all away Oh you gotta know that there’s a better way Chorus Br A honey wrap or a silicone lid Just cover your food up with a plate Floating clingwrap looks like creatures in the sea That's not a jellyfish, a jeelyfish, a JEELLYFEEESH Every piece of plastic ever made Still exists in some form or shape Heat food in the microwave, then put it in your mouth That plastic wrap is messing with your health Chorus 

A disposable cup only cost you a buck That don’t seem like very much Throw it away, nothin’ seems lost But what about the real cost You might think that a couple of cups Don’t matter to the planet, but it really does It makes sense to bring you own Reusable cup or a mug from home If you’re smart just ask about You might get a discount You might think that a couple of cups Don’t matter to the planet, but it really does 16 billion cups per year Cannot be undone But if you bring a reusable cup You’ll only need the one You might think that a couple of cups Don’t matter to the planet, but it really does It ain’t recyclable Not compostable Almost impossible Disposable cup
Stop the bottle Single-Use Bottle Stop the bottle Single-Use Bottle Stop the bottle Single-Use Bottle Stop the bottle Single-Use! You don’t need it! You don’t want it! The wise man takes his own You can’t believe it’s more convenient When it’s messing up our home. So what about the whales and the dolphins and the turtles Amount of oil it takes to make a single plastic bottle For hundred years it stays there, floating on the ocean Choking up the rivers and the land (we don’t want it) CHORUS The Man who make the cola says it’s cool and it’s refreshing (who makes the cola) But all the plastic bottles make a mountain so depressing They’ll never go away in your lifetime so I’m stressing Be the change, start today! CHORUS Every time it rains all the rivers meet the sea Every plastic bottle just end up as new debris The only thing that’s gonna make the change is you and me Be the change, start today! Voiceover chorus: Hey-ay, whaddaya gonna say? Ohh-ohhh, whaddaya gonna do? Hey-ay, whaddaya gonna say? The choice is up to you!
Use your voice Everybody make your choice Be the change Your mind can rearrange Save our seas Leave some clean soil for our trees Just say no Bag the habit let it go Oh a million straws They go out our doors They go round and round the planet End up on the ocean floors And so now’s the time Throw my hands up I am fine I don’t need a straw today
I got the planet on my mind 
And tomorrow We’ll need this world tomorrow So let’s be kind For just one drink, Pouring plastic down the sink To the sea, Oh but it doesn’t have to be Think ahead All the wisdom that’s been shared Use your mind Help destruction
Refuse all those things that you don’t need What you need, reduce where you can Reusing gets us back onto the road of being clean Cause Mother Nature needs a helping hand CHORUS You gotta refuse, Reduce and reuse Rehome, recycle and rot It’s all up to you Yeah, you get to choose You’re sayin’ it’s hard but it’s not Rehome all those things that you don’t need Recycle if there’s nothing left to do Rot what you can’t eat and start your composting today. Mother nature will eat it up for you. CHORUS Br. It’s not hard (not hard) to make a difference It’s not hard (not hard) to make a change It’s not hard (in fact it’s easy) You just gotta help your mind to rearrange. CHORUS x 2 It’s not hard


Waste Free Wanda is an interactive rock opera for children.
Inspired by music of the 1980's, the show has a focus on empowering listeners by offering simple solutions on how we can reduce our single use waste on the planet.
Performed and written by award-winning New Zealand singer/songwriter Anna van Riel, the show is currently touring the Southern Hemisphere with the hope of inspiring children to be the change for Mother Nature, and understand their roles as guardians of planet earth.

To find out more head to www.wastefreewanda.com


released July 17, 2020

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Danny Fairley at Mirrors Audio, Wanaka, NZ.
Produced by Danny Fairley at Mirrors Audio

Lyrics by Anna van Riel and Katie Herbst
(Kath Bee + Katie Herbst on 'Rule of Thumb)

Music by Anna van Riel


all rights reserved



Anna van Riel

New Zealand's Award winning and independent singer/songwriter Anna van Riel has played at the world highests music festival in the Himilayas, performed the NZ national anthem for 50,000 punters at the Four Nations Grand Final and sung her original works for Prince Albert of Monaco. Anna's favourite and most recent success is winning album of the year in her home town. ... more

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